2018/19 Season Clarification

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Clarification New Seasons:

Season timing

Season 2018/19 commences on Monday 15th October 2018 with Grand Finals being held week of Monday 1st April 2019 (Sat Finals will be Sat 6th April 2019)

There will be a 6 week break from Monday the 17th Dec to Sunday 27th January as requested by the clubs.


Age Group Cut Off

Players age changes occur in October rather than in January.

i.e. Whatever age change was going to happen in Jan, now happens in October prior – Ages are still based on YEAR of BIRTH not when birthday is.

Year of Birth Age Group 2018-19 Challenge Season
2011-2010 Under 10s
2009-2008 Under 12s
2007-2006 Under 14s
2005-2004 Under 16s
2003-2002 Under 18s
1996 Junior League Maximum


  • The age groupings run January 1st through until December 31st of the year that the competition ends. For example, players that turn 18 before December 31st of 2019 will not be eligible to play in the 2018-19 Under 18s Season even though they will still be 17 when the season finishes in April.



October – April: Challenge Season

April – September: Championship Season 

  • The change of age for all players would occur before the commencement of the October Season and would therefore fall in line with the start of the Junior Challenge season.


  • Monday night         Junior League, U18 Boys Div 2 and 3, U18 Girls Div 2
  • Tuesday night          Mens Div 1 and 4, Womens Div 1 and 3, Masters Men and Women
  • Wednesday night   U18 Boys Div 1, U18 Girls DIv 1 Mens Div 3, Womens Div 2 and 4
  • Thursday night        League, U16 Div 1 Boys, Mens Div 2 and 5.
  • Friday night             League, U16 Girls Div 1 and 2, U16 Boys Div 2 & 3
  • Saturday                   Aussie Hoops, Super 8’s, Under 10’s, Under 12’s, Under 14’s
  • Saturday night        League

* Depending on team nominations times and nights may vary

* In order to work out schedule of games, players need to register to enable clubs to register teams


League will be 16 rounds played over 16 weeks – eliminating double headers (as requested by some clubs).

League draw will be a seeded draw based off previous season results.

Match ratio will come into play for competitions with uneven rounds.

* In order to work out schedule of games, players need to register to enable clubs to register teams

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