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Update on COVID – 19 and instructions for ALL competitions

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After several meetings and risk assessments being carried out we have a plan in place to enable us to run this weeks games in a responsible and health conscious manner with slight modifications –

Please read below carefully

*Front and back courts will be closed off and separated as two separate venues
*All game ticket holders (players) will be issued 2 arm bands for parents/guardians/caregivers.
*Entry will be by arm bands only (no exceptions)
*Stadium will be cleared after each game, with next game not able to enter until stadium cleared (change in times)
*Game times will be moved back – please check the draw
*Once people are in the stadium, they will be required to stay in for the duration of the game
*Only necessary game staff to run the games will be allowed entry (unfortunately no children or other spectators for these staff)
*Team benches will be a maximum of 2 support staff only
*Encourage people NOT to arrive early to eliminate milling around outside.

Aussie Hoops and team trainings will still run as normal but we are asking people to only come into the stadium if necessary.

Casual shoot around will be until 5pm only with sign in/sign out to monitor traffic.

We are asking all members of the DBA to be considerate and responsible in assisting us minimise risks and implement control measures. Health and risks are the most important things to consider here.

We will be reassessing the situation daily and if the above controls DO NOT work, further measures will be adopted.

Information regarding Mens League and the games from Saturday 14th will be distributed later today.

Kind regards
Kerri Savidge
Executive Officer

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