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Club Player Clearance Form : Players whom are moving from one DBA affiliated club to another, are required to fill out this form prior to taking the court with a new club. (Example: I played with Ansett for 2020 Championship season and now wish to play for Lightning for 2021 Challenge Season.)

Interstate Player Clearance Form : Players whom are moving inter-state will require a clearance from their Darwin Club, Association and State body before they begin playing in a different league in a different state.

Permit Form : Players whom are requesting a special clearance to play for another club/team in a grade that your original home club does not participate in. This is a temporary transfer for that particular season and applicable ONLY for the grade the clearance is requested for.

Special Circumstances Approval Form : Players whom believe that they can be exempt from a certain by-law of the DBA competition, due to special circumstances, they can fill out this form. (Example: My child is turning 10 in December, and it is the first time they are playing basketball – Can we play U10s this year?) Please note: Each circumstance is viewed independently and multiple factors are taken into consideration before an approval is given.

Uniform Exemption Form : Players who do not have proper uniform to participate in the competition, must fill out a uniform exemption form. (The exemption must be kept on them at all times until proper uniform is received)

Complaint Form : Players/Spectators/Coaches or anyone else that would like to lodge a complaint with DBA are requested to fill out this form.

Match Report Form (Officials Only) : Officials are requested to fill out this form to report any incidents or matters relating to a particular game.



Once you have completed all the required sections on the form, please forward it across to our Operations Manager, Bradley Malady at – operations@darwinbasketball.com.au

Office phone number is: 08 8945 4666


If you need to access DBA club contacts to send for clearance approval and so on, you can find them here: https://darwin.basketball/contact-us/dba-club-contacts/

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