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Score Board Controller – Cheat Sheet


Yellow Buttons = Score/Team Fouls/Time Outs = A Light Team

Orange Buttons = Score/Team Fouls/Time Outs = B Dark Team 

Green Buttons = Timer

Blue Buttons = Other Functions

Red Buttons = Functions


Yellow and Orange Buttons

For 3 points, please click on score, + 1 x 3 times. 

For team fouls, please click on the respective team colour +1

For time-outs, please click on the respective team colour +1


Green Buttons

Press reset after each quarter, to get new quarter set-up 

Press start to start timer 

Hold to hold the clock

To adjust the clock, click on the adjust, +/- minute or second


Blue Buttons

Error (UNDO Button) – Applies to only scores, team fouls, time-outs) If you press the Error button 3 x times, it will undo the last 3 entries.

Reset – Only when timer has stopped/on hold

New Game – Reset timer, time-outs, team fouls and scores

Team Fouls – Press button once to reset team fouls

Team T/Outs – Press button again to reset time outs

+1P – To add 1 + to which period it is

Possession arrows – To click on which team has possession

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