Junior Programs

Term 2 2022 Junior Programs

Important: Due to the vast number of public holidays on Mondays in Term 2 2022, a decision has been made for the following: 

  • No Monday session will run on 25th April due to ANZAC day
  • Monday sessions WILL run on all the other public holidays
  • If you miss out on Monday sessions on the long weekend due to pre-booked holidays or plans, you are welcome to attend another session (Wed or Sat) for that week only. 

Baller Bubs (2 to 4 year olds)

Baller Bubs is a program for 2-to-4-year-olds that focusses on development of social skills and gross motor skills in a safe and healthy environment. The session information is as follows:

Aussie Hoops (5 to 8 year olds) / Wheelchair Aussie Hoops (6 to 14 year olds)

Aussie Hoops is Basketball Australia’s official junior game development program for 5–8-year-olds and their families. It is a national program which provides an environment where children of all abilities can achieve on the court and reap the rewards of skill development, enhanced self-esteem, social co-operation, and grassroots sports participation. Put simply, Aussie Hoops introduces children to basketball in a structured and accredited environment that connects our game at the grassroots through to the elite level. Aussie Hoops is all about participation and fun! Which Session Do I Choose?

  • The Beginner session is the recommended program for children aged (5-6). This program is aimed at teaching those children who have played very little or no basketball the basics of the sport. This program runs Monday 3.45pm – 4.30pm.
  • The Rookie session is the recommended program for children aged (7-8). This program is aimed at teaching children who have a basic understanding of the sport and have done the starter sessions 2-4 times. This program runs Monday 4:45pm – 5:30pm.
  •  The Both session is the recommended program for children aged (5-8). The coach tailors the program based on the registrations that come in. The programs runs on Wednesday 3:45pm – 4:30pm and Saturday 7:45am – 8.30am.
  • The Wheelchair session is the recommended program for children aged (6-14). The program is open for children with a disability, as well as abled bodied participants that want to try something different. This program runs Monday 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Dates: Starting Week of 25th April (MONDAY SESSIONS START ON 2ND MAY)

Cost: New Participants – $100 (Includes Participant Pack) Returning Participants – $75

Location: Darwin Basketball Stadium, Marrara

Register Now: Aussie Hoops Find A Program Click here (Type 0800 in the postcode section)

Super 8’s (2022 Challenge Season) (7 to 9 year olds) – HALF SEASON FEE AVAILABLE

DBA is also offering a beginners league called Super 8’s which is aimed at children who have progressed through Aussie Hoops and are ready to begin playing games. This competition will consist of two teams of 5 playing each other on a half court with lowered rings (sideline to sideline). Teams will be sorted each week and given reversible singlets which will be returned and washed by the DBA weekly. 
When: Saturday 7:45am – 8:45am.
Dates: 5th February to 18th June 2022 (Sessions will NOT run during school holidays) 
Cost: $50/discounted season fee + $5/Game Ticket every week
Location: Darwin Basketball Stadium, Marrara
Follow the link to register: Super 8’s Registration

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  • Email us your sport voucher at – vouchers@darwinbasketball.com.au 
  • Contact us if you have any queries: 08 8945 4666



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