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DBA Policies

DBA Constitution & By-Laws

DBA Constitution

By-Laws 7.1 FINAL

DBA League Official Rules 1.1

DBA Player Uniform and penalty points policy

DBA Play by the rules alcohol policy

DBA Zone Buster Manual

Codes of Conduct


Coaching Staff


Parents and Spectators

Conditions of Entry

Zero Tolerance Policy


DBA Tribunal By-Laws

Reportable Offences Definitions

Consequences of Tribunal Non-Attendance

Complaints & Reporting Process

Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy Document

BA Adopted Member Protection Policy

Member Protection Policy

BA Adopted Child Safeguarding Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy

How to make an Integrity Complaint or Report an Incident

Basketball should be a safe and fair place for participants.

Here at Darwin Basketball Association, we offer a safe space for people to share their experiences or to raise concerns about behaviour they’ve witnessed or experienced.

If you have information about alleged discrimination or breaches of Basketball Australia’s Member Protection Policy or Child Safeguarding Policy, you can either ;

Call Darwin Basketball Association during business hours on 08 8945 4666, or

Send us a confidential email to attaching a copy of this form: Integrity Complaint or Report an Incident Form

The Darwin Basketball Association appointed member protection information officer is Liam Bednarski (Operations Manager)

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