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Shot Clock Rules – Cheat Sheet

Shot Clock Operator
• Check equipment – holding, resets, buzzer
• Discuss calling procedure with Visuals Operator/Timer

During the Game:
• Beginning of the game: shot clock starts on possession.
• Beginning of all other quarters & extra time: shot clock starts as soon as it is touched by any player on court.
• On a throw-in, shot clock starts on touch by any player.
• If there is a change of possession which is a new control of the ball reset the shot clock to 24 seconds
• After the ball hits the ring attempting to score – reset, hold, wait for possession, then start.
• ‘Ball in/off the hand’ to reply to Chairperson if questioned about whether a shot will count
• Floor wipe (Referee stoppage – reset, Player request – hold, let ref decide)
• Injury (Offensive – hold, Defensive – reset)
• Hold (and check) on held ball
• Hold on double foul/special situations and if a team is in control of the ball no reset, if no team in control of the ball check possession arrow.
• If in doubt, hold, look at time displayed, check with Chairperson
• Say “Holding on …(number of seconds)” in every ‘hold’ situation
• Say “Shot clock finished” at end of quarter
• Count for end of each quarter (“8”, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0”)
“8” – flick over from 8.0 to 7.9, etc
Communicate sub/time out requests

New Scoretable Rules – 24 Second v 14 Second Reset

  Back Court Front Court
Foot Violation Reset to 24 If on 14 or above – hold

If under 14 – reset to 14

Foul – Personal with no shots Reset to 24 If on 14 or above – hold

If under 14 – reset to 14

Foul – Person with shots Reset to 24 Reset to 24
Foul – Technical Reset to 24 Reset to 24
Foul – Unsportsmanlike Reset to 24 Reset to 24
Foul – Disqualifying Reset to 24 Reset to 24
Foul – double Hold Hold
Deflection Hold Hold
Out of bounds Hold Hold
Player of offensive team injured Hold Hold
Jump Ball Situation Hold Hold
Cancellation of equal penalties against both teams (eg, tech foul for each team) Hold Hold

Communication – ‘Sub Red please’, ‘Time out Blue’
If major bench eruption (fight), Two scoretable people to look right, Two scoretable people to look left. Record activities eg Red 9 entered court, Blue coach stopped players from entering court

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