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2024 Cyclones Extended Squad Announced

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The dedication and commitment to the 2024 Cyclones Development Program has been absolutely incredible this year. The growth & learnings have been huge over the course of the program and we hope that everyone continues to build from the learnings during this time.

A huge congratulations to the following athletes on their selection to our 2024 Cyclones Extended Squad.


First Surname Club
Alyssa Firth Ansett
Elena Karpasitis Ellas Titans
Elsie-Rose Banson Eagles
Eve Franz-Hoobin Palmerston Power
Helena Jones Essington Cannons
Ines Pinheiro TV Jets
Katie Furlotte Ansett
Maria Argyridakis Ellas Titans
Olivia Firth Ansett
Payson Thorne TV Jets
Savannah Zaloumis Essington Cannons
Soraya Rose Tuluauau TV Jets
Stella Holm Ansett
Stella Tuluauau TV Jets
Zali Streeter Ellas Titans
Zanetta Rea Palmerston Power
Zariah Chisholm TV Jets



First Surname Club
Anthony Reichstein Essington Cannons
Ariki Hazeldine Ellas Titans
Beau Manning-Watson Ansett
Byren Brearley Lightning
David Ekpo Ansett
Eli Ajisafe Ellas Titans
Fletcher Davis Ansett
Howell Samoy Ansett
Joel Kitching Ansett
Johnny Halikos Essington Cannons
Khaidira Djaafar Ansett
Luca Goldrick Essington Cannons
Mitchell Drewes Ansett
Patrick Salamu Ellas Titans
Sy McQuillan Ansett
Levin* Maher


This group will now continue in a training environment until the lead up to the U14 National Club Championships. The final team of 10 will be announced closer to the event.

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